Lessons from The Dead Lawn

It’s finally spring, and my lawn (particularly the front lawn) is about half dead. It’s particularly jarring since I live right in the middle of several retired gardeners with lush green everywhere.

The crappy lawn really got to me last week. I’ve become That Neighbor. I remember living next to That Neighbor. Yuck. Despite friends telling me not to worry, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It took me a few days to figure out why this bothered me so.

The lawn is a visual reminder of how drastically my life has changed in the last year.

I went on the kidney transplant list last year. I had to hire help with the yard and housecleaning. Last fall I had to go part time, because of the extreme exhaustion. And oh yeah, one of my kids broke his leg in September and was in a wheelchair for a month.

We were in a drought last year, and watering the lawn was not a priority. I didn’t reseed this spring.

No wonder it looks so awful.

Years ago I was quite the gardener. At one point I even considered a degree in horticulture. I could grow anything: herbs, flowers, shrubs, you name it. I adored digging in the dirt. I pH tested my lawn, figured out how to correct deficiencies, and rolled sod with the best of them.

Now? Well, now my yard looks like the desert in the oasis. Hey, at least the weeds are green, right? Don’t get me started on my poor indoor aloe plant that’s in sore need of some TLC. Hell, it almost needs Last Rites. Do you say Kaddish over a plant you killed? Asking for a friend…

I know this too shall pass, and I sincerely hope my neighbors understand. For now, though, that lawn is going to have to look pitiful. I guess I’ll add Crappy Lawn to the New Normal list…at least I don’t have cars up on blocks or throw crazy parties at all hours, right?

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