It’s been a year…

Friends, it’s been a year since I got the phone call I knew would eventually come, the one from my nephrologist saying it was time to get on the kidney transplant list. That call came two days after my 40th birthday. Even though I knew it was a matter of time before my tired kidneys went on permanent vacation, I always hoped for more time.

That phone call shattered me. I spent the next few months making call after call, filling out a neverending ream of paperwork, and worrying about the future. The calendar said I was still young; my kidneys disagreed.

I’ve watched my lab numbers marking kidney function drop over the last year. Right now, I’m at Stage 5, and thankfully not yet on dialysis. I know that without a kidney transplant soon, I will be dependent on machines to keep me alive.

I want to be around for many more anniversaries with my wonderful husband, who loves me through all of my (many) medical issues related to kidney failure. I want to see my sons grow up. I want to help my community more. Without a kidney transplant, though, none of those things will happen.

Please consider sharing my story. You never know where my hero will find this!

<3, Jen